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The Dependent Elderly - Autonomy, justice, and quality of care

Image of The Dependent Elderly - Autonomy, justice, and quality of care


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A distinguished team of contributors from the fields of medicine, philosophy and law address some of the issues which arise over the provision of care for dependent elderly patients. Some of the chapters are concerned with the challenge of achieving good quality medical care, the chronic inadequacies of policy making in the UK context, and the prospects for improvement in the medium term. Other chapters look at some of the threats to dependent elderly patients posed by longer-term social and ideological trends which find expression in proposals for age-limits to health care, advocacy of living wills and euthanasia, arguments for withdrawing tube-feeding from certain categories of patient, and certain proposals for resource allocation.

This interdisciplinary volume will have a wide appeal to those involved in care of the dependent elderly, to health policy analysts and health care economists, and to bioethicists.

* Amazon Sales Rank: #2368026 in Books
* Published on: 28-08-1992
* Binding: Hardcover
* 212 pages

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