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Organ Transplants - CTS Booklet

Image of Organ Transplants - CTS Booklet


Organ Transplants
and the Definition of Death

Prof. David Albert Jones

A6 paperback 75 Pages
Dimensions: 10.5x14.8cm
ISBN-13: 9781860821134
ISBN-10: 1860821138

Transplant medicine transfers living tissue from one part of a body to another to restore or assist its healthy functioning. It is not easily assessed morally: it involves receiving an organ, taking organs from dead bodies or from donors, finding new organs, and sharing out organs and costs.

This booklet outlines the main questions and concerns, explains Catholic teaching and systematically grapples with particularly difficult questions. It is written in clear, accessible language, with directions for further reading, and a full glossary.


A Brief History of Transplant Medicine
Moral Issues in Organ Transplantation
The Official Teaching of the Catholic Church
Weighing up the Arguments
Tentative Conclusions and Unresolved Questions
Further Reading

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