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Life and Death in Healthcare Ethics


Life and Death in Healthcare Ethics
Dr Helen Watt

In a world of rapid technological advances, the moral issues raised by life and death choices in healthcare remain obscure. This book provides a concise, thoughtful and extremely accessible guide to these moral issues.

The author examines, using real-life cases, a range of choices taken by health professionals, patients and clients which lead to the shortening of life. The topics considered include:

euthanasia and withdrawal of treatment
the persistent vegetative state
IVF and cloning
life-saving treatment of pregnant women.
Clearly written and insightful, this book presupposes no prior knowledge of philosophy. It will be of interest to anyone approaching healthcare ethics for the first time, or seeking to develop his or her understanding of some core topics in the field.


1. Introduction

2. Homicide: moral approaches

3. The unconscious patient

4. The competent patient

5. Abortion

6. Embryo destruction

7. Co-operation

*First published 2000
*Binding: paperback
*pages: 97

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