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Issues for a Catholic Bioethic


Issues for a Catholic Bioethic

Edited by Prof. Luke Gormally

This volume contains all the invited papers delivered at the 1997 International Bioethics Conference hosted by the Linacre Centre. There is also a small selection of supplementary contributions.

*First published 1999
*Binding: paperback
*381 pages


Introduction - Luke Gormally

Opening Address - Cardinal Thomas J Winning

The ecclesial context of Catholic bioethics

The Church's Magisterium in face of the moral crisis of our time
- Cardinal Cahal B Daly

Catholics and Anglicans and contemporary bioethics: divided or united?
- Michael Banner

Medicine, moral crisis and the need for evangelization: the challenge to Christians in Western liberal societies - Michael Waldstein


Bioethics and the philosophy of the human body - John Haldane

Biblical anthropology and medical ethics - Gregory Glazov

Sexual ethics

The nuptial meaning of the body and sexual ethics
- Jorge Vincente Arregui

Formation in chastity: the need and the requirements
- Bartholomew Kiely SJ

Situating health care

Healthcare as part of a Christian's vocation - Germain Grisez

The encounter with suffering in the practice of medicine in the light of Christian revelation - David Albert Jones OP

Medicine as a profession and the meaning of health as its goal
- Luke Gormally

Integrity in health care

Collaboration and integrity: how to think clearly about moral problems of co-operation - Joseph Boyle

Is there a distinctive role for the Catholic hospital in a pluralist society? - Anthony Fisher OP

Law, public policy, and the pro-life cause

The legal revolution: from 'sanctity of life' to 'quality of life' and `autonomy'- John Keown

The Catholic Church and public policy debates in Western liberal societies: the basis and limits of intellectual engagement - John Finnis

Bioethics and public policy: Catholic participation in the American debate
- Robert P George with William L Saunders

The pro-life cause in Great Britain: reflections on success and failure, and on the Church's record and the present challenge - Jack Scarisbrick

Disputed questions

Is it reasonable to use the UK protocol for the clinical diagnosis of 'brain stem death' as a basis for diagnosing death? - Alan Shewmon

Can a patient's refusal of life-prolonging treatment be morally upright when it is motivated neither by the belief that the treatment would be clearly futile nor by the belief that the consequences of treatment would be unduly burdensome? - Bernadette Tobin

Are there any circumstances in which it would be morally admirable for a woman to seek to have an orphan embryo implanted in her womb?
- Mary Geach and Helen Watt

Is the 'medical management' of ectopic pregnancy by the administration of methotrexate morally acceptable?
- Christopher Kaczor and Gerald Gleeson


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