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Human Reproduction and Genetic Ethics Vol.17.1 2011

Image of Human Reproduction and Genetic Ethics Vol.17.1 2011


This special edition of the journal Human Reproduction and Genetic Ethics contains 6 papers that were originally presented at an Anscombe Bioethics Centre conference at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. The volume also contains an editorial by Dr Trevor Stammers, two other papers (by Peter Omonzejele and Jo Difford) and a number of book reviews.

Trevor Stammers 5-6

Courts, Legislators and Human Embryo Research: Lessons from Ireland - William Binchy 7-27

Embryo Research in Italy: The Bioethical and Biojuridical Debate - Laura Palazzani 28-39

The Law and Politics of Embryo Research in America - O. Carter Snead 40-52

Believing in the Dignity of Human Embryos - Michael Hauskeller 53-65

The “Special Status” of the Human Embryo in the United Kingdom: An Exploration of the Use of Language in Public Policy - David Albert Jones 66-83

The Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry into Hybrid Embryo Research 2007: Credible, Reliable and Objective? - Pauline Gately 84-109

The Ethics of Commercial Surrogate Mothering: A Response to Casey Humbyrd - Peter F. Omonzejele 110-122

Doubts about a Classic Defence of Abortion - Jo Difford 122-129

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