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Healthcare Allocation: an ethical framework for public policy


Healthcare Allocation: an ethical framework for public policy

Anthony Fisher OP and Luke Gormally (eds.)

This volume, prepared on behalf of The Catholic Bishops' Joint Bioethics Committee, argues that there is a need for an alternative to the most widely influential understandings of the ethical requirements which healthcare allocation policy should meet. It offers a detailed critique both of liberal-welfarist and utilitarian approaches to healthcare allocation. The authors maintain that an ethically adequate approach to resource allocation in healthcare must be based on specific ('content-full') understandings of the human person, of human needs, of human community and the common good, and of the nature of healthcare. Only if policy is informed by such understandings can it avoid serious injustice to patients and the abandonment of values essential to healthcare practice. The volume details the normative requirements allocation policy should meet, and highlights injustices which are encouraged by current tendencies in policy, reinforced by decisions in the courts.

*Published on 21st June 2001
*Binding: Paperback
* 238 pages

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