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Euthanasia - CTS Booklet

Image of Euthanasia - CTS Booklet


Philip Robinson

A6 paperback 74 Pages
Dimensions: 10.5x14.8cm
ISBN-13: 9781860821912
ISBN-10: 186082191X

In a society where euthanasia is strongly supported by many and where supporters make appeals to Christian virtues such as mercy, compassion and love it is more important than ever for the Church's real teaching to be known. Is ‘mercy killing’ ever right? This booklet explores the Catholic Church’s teaching on euthanasia and explodes popular myths and misconceptions.


Definition of Key Terms
Arguments Presented in Favour of Euthanasia
Beliefs that Underpin the Church's Teaching on Suicide and Euthanasia
The Church's Teaching on Suicide and Euthanasia
Negative and Positive Duties
Sources of Church Teaching
Further Reading