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Ethics in Nursing Practice

Image of Ethics in Nursing Practice


Ethics in Nursing Practice: Basic Principles and Their Application
Dr Fred Fitzpatrick

302 pages, 5½” x 8½”, paperback, 1988
ISBN: 978-0-906561-05-8




Nurses, the Nursing Profession and Ethical Problems
Ethical Problems in Nursing; What Help do the Professional Codes Give Us?
Philosophy, Ethics, and Nursing Ethics
Morality and Objective Truth
Morality and the Flourishing of Persons
In Search of Fundamental Moral Principles
Moral Principles, Character and Integrity
Treating Patients with Respect
Problems of Honesty and Confidentiality
Problems of Life and Death (1)
Problems of Life and Death (2)
Problems of Life and Death (3)
Issues in Sexual Ethics
Professional Relationships and Professional Standards
Appendix: Some Suggestions for Further Reading


“This book goes a considerable way towards filling a gap which Christian nurses may become aware of when studying ethics i.e. a clear exposition of a Christian perspective on ethical issues affecting nursing.” – Dorothy Whyte, Ethics and Medicine

“A scholarly and detailed approach to health care ethics. . . . it will appeal to the converted and it deserves to be studied by non- Catholics.” – Journal of Applied Philosophy

“This is a fine volume for the classroom.... Ethics teachers in nursing schools will find this to be the answer to their prayers.” Russell Smith Linacre Quarterly USA

“This is an interesting book whose arguments deserve to be read and considered.” Philip Darbyshire Nursing Times

“Most of the first half of the book is an account and defence of the natural law as the only true basis for all ethical decision-making and most of the second half engages that foundation with the sorts of ethical problems which arise inescapably and recurrently in nursing practice. . . . Fitzpatrick’s account of the natural law doctrine is . . . . helpful in its explication and use of the concepts central to that tradition.” – David Muschamp, Bioethics

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