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Cloning and Stem Cell Research - CTS Booklet

Image of Cloning and Stem Cell Research - CTS Booklet


Cloning and Stem Cell Research
Anthony McCarthy

A6 paperback 80 Pages
Dimensions: 10.5x14.8cm
ISBN-13: 9781860822117
ISBN-10: 1860822118

Catholic teaching regarding human cloning is closely linked to the sanctity of life, the status of the embryo and the meaning of sex and marriage. It addresses the tensions between the relief of suffering - which can be sought in good or bad ways - and respect for every human being. Anthony McCarthy sets out the scientific background to cloning, explains the Church’s teaching, and examines secular arguments for and against human cloning.


Scientific Background
Church Teaching
Examining the Arguments:
Cloning for birth
Cloning for research/transplantation